Bronze Package

Starting at $15.99 | Hand prepped for wash, conveyor wash, towel dry, vacuum floorboard/seats, windows cleaned inside & out, and wipe down dash, console & door jambs.

Silver Package

Starting at $23.99 | Includes Bronze Package + Spray,wax, fragrance, wheels cleaned by hand, and tire dressing hand applied.

Gold Package

Starting at $40.99 | Includes Silver Package + Rubber mats washed, interior protectant, dressing (dash, doors & console), and exterior dressing on plastic.

Platinum Package

Call for pricing | Includes Gold Package + one of your choice from: Carpet Shampoo | Seat Shampoo | Leather Treatment

Hand Wax

Starting at $30.00 | Hand wax entire vehicle

Full Detail

Call for pricing | EXTERIOR: Hand wash, clean all wheels and apply tire shine, clean/polish all chrome accents, clean & condition all vinyl, plastic trim, moldings, running boards. Hand wax & engine steam cleaned. INTERIOR: Carpet shampoo, mats, fabric seats, seat belts and headliner get steamed cleaned. Leather or vinyl seats are cleaned and conditioned. Clean all vinyl, plastic, and rubber. Complete Interior Conditioning

Carpet and Seat Shampoo

Starting at $15.00 | Typically it is best to drop off your vehicle for a carpet or seat shampoo. This gives us time to do a thorough job and time for the carpet or seats to dry.

Simple Wash

$9.00 | Outside-only conveyor wash.


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